Bryant Electric Announces LED Nightlight Devices

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Bryant Electric is excited to announce its new LED Nightlight Devices. This family of products combines the function of a wiring device with the convenience of a nightlight.

Ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications, these devices can be used as an alternative to plug-in nightlights. Developed for permanent installation, photocells automatically turn the nightlight on and off depending on the amount of ambient light present in the space.

Bryant’s LED Nightlight Devices are available in three options:
 – Nightlight Decorator Switches feature an impact-resistant rocker and base, and provide a 0.5-lumen nightlight

 – Nightlight Receptacles offers a tamper-resident duplex receptacle that complies with NEC Article 406.12, along with two LED nightlight sources that provide 0.5 lumens of light

 – The Nightlight Only option is a full-face lens with maximum illumination, providing 1.5 lumens

“Not only do Bryant’s new LED Nightlight Devices provide safe light when ambient light isn’t available, but they’re also an energyefficient option,” says Vic Flagello, director of residential marketing for Bryant Electric. “The devices only consume between 0.5 and 1 watt of electricity.”

These devices also ensure that outlets aren’t occupied by plug-in nightlights, keeping them available for other devices that might need to be plugged in.

For more information about Bryant Nightlight Devices, to receive a copy of the Nightlight Devices Literature, or any of their other industrial, commercial, or residential products, visit the Bryant website at or contact Bryant customer service at 800-323-2792.