Bryant Electric Announces New Website

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Bryant Electric is proud to announce the launch of its newly enhanced and redesigned website, which provides distributors and customers with easy access to electrical wiring device and wire management information.

Keeping in mind that users access the website through many different avenues, the Bryant website is designed to be responsive to whatever screen size it is viewed on. Whether someone is using a computer monitor, tablet, phone or even a large screen TV to view the Bryant website, the images and content will automatically adjust to be user friendly and pleasing to look at.

The website’s simple, intuitive navigation features many new ways to interact with Bryant Electric through rotating product sliders, training videos, newsfeeds, an e-catalog with an interactive document builder, and much more.

Industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential landing pages – identifiable on the homepage – allow users to reference product solutions for specific markets. To improve browsing speed and help users find product solutions with fewer clicks, these market-specific pages offer information about key electrical wiring device and wire management products categorized into application-oriented categories.

The website also makes it easy to quickly access tools, configurators, and other resources from every page.

For more information about Bryant Watertight Devices, to receive a copy of the Watertight Wiring Devices application guide, or any of their other industrial, commercial, or residential products, visit the Bryant website at or contact Bryant customer service at 800-323-2792.