Bryant Electric CIRCUITPRO® Self Testing Technology

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Bryant Electric has expanded its CIRCUITPRO® patented self testing technology, which automatically monitors the ability to provide ground fault protection. As of June 29, 2015, UL will require self-test monitoring capabilities in all ground-fault circuit interrupter receptacles.

CIRCUITPRO® “self test” technology was first introduced by Bryant over ten years ago. Bryant’s innovative safety solution exceeds the new 2015 UL 943 GFCI requirements for self test. UL requires all GFCI receptacles to automatically monitor functionality every three hours or less. CIRCUITPRO® monitoring initiates in less than three seconds of power up and is continuous within every thirty seconds.

Industry studies show that most installed GFCI devices are not being manually tested each month per Underwriters Laboratory and manufacturer recommendations. The new self test mandate is to address the lack of manual self-testing in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

If Bryant’s CIRCUITPRO® GFCI protection is lost due to damaged components or miswiring, power to the receptacle is disconnected. Visual indicators located on the receptacle face clearly identify power status, trip condition, ground fault condition, and end-of-life status.

Bryant’s patented self test design is based on ten years of solid history and successful implementation of diagnostic technology in both commercial and industrial GFCI receptacles.

Installers and specifiers will not be impacted in any way with regard to installation and use of the new Bryant solution. Ease of wiring, physical size and interface with the device will continue to be user friendly without any change to footprint.

All existing GFCI product lines will be transitioned to the new self test design; the new technology will also be incorporated into the following new ground fault receptacle versions.

    • Alarm 
    • Isolated Ground 
    • Nightlight
    • Combination Switch/Tamper-Resistant, GFCI Receptacle 
These GFCI receptacles can be used in residential, mixed-use buildings, commercial offices, hospitals, and education and manufacturing facilities to name a few. Applications include bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, dormitories and laboratories.

For more information about Bryant’s CIRCUITPRO® self test technology, or any of their other industrial, commercial, or residential products, contact your Bryant sales representative, Bryant customer service at 1-800-323-2792, or visit