CFL / LED Wall Box Dimmers

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Bryant Electric, a division of Hubbell Incorporated, is pleased to announce the addition of a new dimmer line specifically designed to operate compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED lamps.

Traditional incandescent dimmers when used with CFL’s and LED’s may cause the light to flicker along with other issues such as lamp drop out or lamp pop-on. These new CFL/LED dimmers compensate for this. An adjustment dial is built in enabling the installer to fine tune the low-end light output. Quality components and 100% testing provide for smooth operation and longevity.

The dimmers are rated at 150 watt 120 volt CFL/LED lamps and 600W 120volt for incandescent and halogen lamps. The product uses two wire technology; no neutral required. One sku is capable of being used for a single pole or 3-way application. Available in two styles, decorator and toggle in white, ivory and light almond, the CFL/ LED dimmers are the perfect complement to any interior. In addition they are eco-friendly devices and contribute to saving energy and the environment.

For more information on Bryant’s Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacle offering or any of their other industrial, commercial, or residential products, visit the Bryant website at