New Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacles from Bryant Electric

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Bryant Electric, a division of Hubbell Incorporated, is pleased to announce the availability of Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacles to its extensive line of wiring devices.

These receptacles are designed to deliver more charging options for today’s personal electronics by providing convenient USB and electrical power in a standard single-gang electrical opening.

The new Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacle includes two 3A/5V USB Ports and two Hubbell Tamper-Resistant 15A/125VAC or 20A/125VAC power outlets, which can be used simultaneously.

Compliant with battery charging specification USB BC1.2 and compatible with USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 devices, these receptacles charge a variety of hand-held devices like tablets, smart phones, MP3 players and other USB-compatible devices, including Apple® iPad®, iPod® and iPhone® devices.

Using the same USB cables that are used to charge devices from laptops and PCs, the two USB ports offer 3 amps and a 5VDC rating, and are capable of charging two tablets simultaneously at the fastest rates allowable. A LED indicator lets users know that USB power is available to charge devices.

The Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacles feature Bryant’s decorator, flush-fit design that fits into most standard single-gang plastic or metal boxes. Both Commercial/Industrial-Grade and Hospital Grade configurations offer impact and chemical resistance as well as tamper-resistance. The Hospital Grade USB receptacles also provide increased blade retention for abrupt plug removal and enhanced grounding. These receptacles include heavy-duty #10-14 AWG wire terminals, 20-Amp circuit feed through installation, and back or side wiring for solid or stranded wire applications.

Designed in accordance with the accepted USB charging standard for personal electronics, the Bryant Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacle is also energy efficient. “If used for six hours every day, total annual operating cost for the receptacle is less than $5 per year,” says Vic Flagello, Director of Residential Marketing for Bryant Electric. “The Bryant Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacles provide cost-effective, energy-efficient, and convenient charging locations.” When not in use, they go into a “sleep mode”.

Ideal for use in retrofit and new construction in schools and universities, dormitories, hotels, offices, reception areas, hospitals, work stations, labs, restaurants, airports and homes, the Bryant Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacles provide maximum amperage for the fastest charging available on the market today; also a great receptacle to provide OEM solutions.

For more information on Bryant’s Dual USB Charger Duplex Receptacle offering or any of their other industrial, commercial, or residential products, visit the Bryant website at or contact Bryant customer service at 800-323-2792.

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