Fiber Data Center Expansion

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Hubbell Premise Wiring is pleased to announce a newly expanded fiber data center interconnect line. With data rates approaching 400Gb/s, and growing demand for bandwidth due to more people and devices connecting to enterprise networks, a full range of MPO and LC interconnect solutions is now available. The scope of products, including MPO cassettes, panels, cords, fittings, and enclosures, is listed in the new 2019 Hubbell Premise Wiring Catalog. Launch presentations are available, with fiber data center brochures and webinars to follow.

End-to-end fiber cabling solutions are now available in three basic interconnect densities:

  • Standard Density: Panels and cassettes, 3-across, 72-port / 1U capacity
  • Medium Density: Panels and cassettes, 4-across, 96-port / 1U capacity
  • High Density: Panels and cassettes, 4-across, 144-port / 1U capacity

Pre-terminated MPO to LC duplex cassettes support 10Gb/s channels, with seamless migration to emerging 25Gb/s and 50Gb/s paired applications. Violet adapters distinguish OM4 cabling systems.  

MPO adapter panels support any 40Gb/s, 100Gb/s, or 200Gb/s channel interconnect application.

MPO to LC break-out cassettes  support interoperability between 40Gb/s systems and legacy 10Gb/s paired fiber platforms. 

Versatile MPO adapter snap fittings are available in all colors for deployment of MPO cabling to any keystone jack panel or wall plate connection.

“Hubbell continues to build a reputation for delivering reliable fiber connectivity and custom cabling infrastructure to the data center, backed by a 25-year Mission Critical® warranty,” says Jon Lutzen, senior product manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring.

Hubbell Premise Wiring has also revamped its online product resources to include information, specs, and customer drawings for all products. For more information about the newly expanded fiber interconnect line from Hubbell Premise Wiring, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit