H3 Full Size Cabinets

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Hubbell Premise Wiring has announced a new line of Full Size H3 Cabinets for the telecommunications and data center marketplace. These new Full Size Enclosures are stocked and value-priced for everyday use in small to large projects.

This new line of cabinets has more accessories that come standard on the cabinets. The H3 cabinets come with casters and leveling feet installed, also a 5” wide full height vertical cable manager is included with every cabinet.

The H3 lineup has a 3,000 pound weight rating, and a 1,500 pound dynamic rating if Z4 brackets are installed to keep the cabinet secured to the ground. Configuring the H3 cabinets is easy with the adjustable equipment mounting rails, these rails have orange depth markings to aid in aligning rails and a faster installation.

For more information about Hubbell Premise Wiring’s new H3 Full Size Cabinets and Accessories, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit www.hubbell-premise.com.