Indoor Wall Mounted Cabinets

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Hubbell Premise Wiring has added two new offerings to its full line of Wall Mount Cabinet Solutions. Designed for applications ranging from basic to demanding, these wall mount cabinets create a dedicated place for equipment inside or outside the data center or equipment room where space is limited or isn’t typically available.

The HSQ Super Duty QUADCAB® Wall Mount Cabinet is designed with high-strength hinges and a removable rear cabinet for fast field mounting. The need for conduit bending is nearly eliminated with its patented knockouts. Available in three heights and three depths, the cabinet is rated for up to 400 pounds – one of the highest weight ratings in the industry. Super Duty QUADCAB cabinets are ideal for applications that require high levels of customization.

he HLQ Light Duty QUADCAB® Wall Mount Cabinet is designed for quick, easy installation. Patch panels or other equipment can be installed without disconnecting wires, thanks to openings in the rear section of the cabinet. A hinged center section offers easy access to the rear and backside of equipment. Its three sections are bonded together so that a rack-mounted busbar can easily be attached. Gaskets provide protection against dust and debris. Available in three heights and one depth, the cabinet is rated for up to 350 pounds and is ideal for commercial and general-use applications.

The HEQ Economy QUADCAB® Wall Mount Cabinet is a solution designed for compact spaces in telecommunications rooms and entrance facilities. With a depth of 14 inches, it can house most fiber optic enclosures, network switches, and patch panels without taking up too much valuable space. The cabinet can be mounted directly over cables that are routed through the wall, with a large opening in the rear of the enclosure. With four available heights, the HEQ Economy QUADCAB is perfect for small fiber enclosures and rated for up to 100 pounds.

The clean, low profile RE-BOX® Commercial Cabinet can be configured with a wide variety of accessories and components. The pre-configured RE-BOX is designed to act as a small remote data center, housing remote network equipment in a safe, secure environment. The unloaded RE-BOX can be used for horizontal cross-connects or in telecommunications rooms. Rated for loads of up to 100 pounds, the cabinet is available in three heights and two depths.

“With this growing selection of wall mount cabinets, almost any space inside or outside the data center can now be better organized,” says Rick Merrell, product manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring. “The cabinets offer efficient use of space, keep equiment secure, and provide easy access to critical equipment.”