netSELECT® Category 5e and Category 6 Cabling Systems

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Hubbell Premise Wiring’s expanded netSELECT® Category 5e and Category 6 cabling systems provide channel-compliant solutions for residential and light commercial applications that are focused on high performance and cost efficiency.

netSELECT supports today’s fast-changing requirements, technology use and increasing bandwidth demands. It provides a dependable cabling solution with enhanced installation speed for minimal disruption and maximum labor efficiency.

The netSELECT® Category 5e and Category 6 cabling systems include:

  • Patch cords, which are durable, slim, and PoE ready
  • Multimedia faceplates, made of highly impact-resistance thermoplastic in a style which match Hubbell electrical plates
  • Decorator frames, which offer better wall-box mounting with elongated straps
  • Data cable, offering either Category 5e or Category 6 performance
  • Jacks, which support Gigabit Ethernet and feature fast, consistent termination utilizing Hubbell’s QuickLace termination process
  • Jack patch panels, which provide flexibility and expandability for futureproofing

Both Category 5e and Category 6 netSELECT systems are standards complaint and come with enhanced features that prolong component lifespan.

“These new cabling solutions give customers more affordable options for developing and deploying their IT infrastructure. As speed and performance requirements continue to grow, this has never been more important,” says Nate Herring, senior product manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring. “netSELECT jacks also deliver the fastest, most consistent termination process possible when combined with Hubbell’s 1-Punch tool. Termination time can be reduced by 75%, eliminating downtime and rework.”