New Fiber Cables to Meet Bandwidth Demand

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Hubbell Premise Wiring is pleased to announce two newly expanded fiber cable lines to support growing demand for bandwidth. The expanded offering includes the HFCD Series Tight Buffered cable line, and the new HFCH Series Loose Tube Gel-Free cables. As data rates advance toward 100 Gb/s, optical fiber cable is increasingly specified for backbone and horizontal network infrastructure.

New strand counts and scope of line for the HFCD Series Tight-Buffered cables now include the following families. Supported fiber types include OM1, OM3, OM4, and OS2.

HFCD1 Series Indoor 2-Strand, for high bandwidth drop cable and backbone upgrades

  • HFCD1M Series 72-Strand Multi-Unit, for high fiber count deployments and network partitioning

HFCD14 Series Indoor/Outdoor 2-Strand and 72-Strand, for campus inter-building high speed networks

  • HFCD15 Series Indoor Armored, for extra durability against rodents, crushing, or un-protected pathways
  • HFCD19 Series Armored Indoor/Outdoor, for extra rodent and crush protection through inter-building duct, tunnels, or exposed pathways

New HFCD tight buffered cables under development include ultra-high count HFCD1M Series Indoor Multi-Unit, and HFCD14 Series Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Unit cables in 96- and 144-strand versions. Fiber types OM3, OM4, and OS2 are supported.

The new HFCH Series Loose Tube Gel-Free cable line includes the following constructions. Fiber types OM1, OM3, OM4, and OS2 are supported.

HFCH2 Series Indoor/Outdoor, riser and plenum, for inter-building duct, and aerial lashed applications

  • HFCH3 Series Outdoor, for aerial lashed, duct, and general weather exposure