Online Training Sessions

Hubbell Premise Wiring is excited to offer these live training sessions to the employees of communication contractors, integrators, end-users, and distributors. Each session is a basic technology briefing presented in an easy to understand common-language format. Our goal is to increase your comfort level with useful information and to help you in your job as it relates to datacom and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Each training session is BICSI approved for 1 Continuing Education Credit (CEC). A certificate will be provided for each class.

Fundamentals of Fiber Optics, Part 1 of 4 – The Basics

This session will cover the basics of fiber optics used in the ICT industry. We will discuss in detail the construction of fiber optic cable, singlemode fiber, multimode fiber, the types of optical fibers (OM1thru OM 5 and SM1-SM2), wavelength and the common wave lengths, fiber and fiber cable color code, the types of fiber optic cables, and the common fiber optic connectors.

Fundamentals of Fiber Optics, Part 2 of 4 – The Journey Continues

This session will cover the function, types, and operation of transceivers, transmission types (simplex, duplex, and half-duplex), cable constructions (tight buffered, and loose tube), parallel optics, the MPO connector, wave division multiplexing, and using fiber cassettes in the data center and TR.

Fundamentals of Fiber Optics, Part 3 of 4 – More Parallel Optics and Design

This session will dive deeper into parallel optics and discusses lanes, the IEEE naming conventions for different Ethernet PHY physical layer types and transmission differences, changing polarity, MPO cassettes and how to use them, data center network architecture, various data center cabling topologies, and a discussion surrounding “BiDi”.

Fundamentals of Fiber Optics, Part 4 of 4 – Interconnection

This session will discuss the various fiber connector types (anaerobic adhesive /polish, pre-polished, and fusion pigtail splices), various termination tools and testing methods, spice trays, fiber splice cassettes, adapter panels, adapter types (LGX/proprietary), cassettes, sleeve types (zirconia/phosphor bronze), cabinet/rack enclosures, enclosure types, enclosures and designs, wall mount enclosures, and patch cords

Fundamentals of 5G – A New Frontier

This session will outline the basics of a 5G Cellular Network. The course will start with a short history of modern smart mobile telephones and move through the current deployment and future of 5G. The session will also provide information on 5G service uses, 5G bands, how 5G will be deployed, and more.