Unified Patch Panel

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Combining the high-performance design of Hubbell’s existing panels with additional improvements incorporated as a result of customer interviews and installation observations, the Hubbell Unified Patch Panel offers: 

– An integrated labeling system with molded label holders and compatibility with Microsoft Word/Excel perforated labels that can be created in any office 
– Rear wire management to minimize wire disturbance 
– Six-port adapters to match new Hubbell wire management products 

The Unified Patch Panel is available in 12-, 24-, 48-, and 96-port configurations in Category 5e, 6, and 6A performance cabling categories. Angled versions, available in 24 and 48-port versions, eliminate the need for horizontal cable management, which further enhances space utilization. 

As more and more connected devices and faster speeds increase the need for physical networking infrastructure, and IP traffic grows threefold in the next few years, an increased importance will be placed on patch panels. Hubbell’s Unified Patch Panel is designed to handle these new requirements, including higher bandwidth, more power-handling ability, increased strength, clear labeling, and the ability to handle heavy and stiff Category 6A cables. 

“Hubbell built on more than 25 years of successful patch panel design and manufacture, and incorporated new design enhancements that offer benefits to both installers and end-users,” says Nate Herring, Senior Product Manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring. 

Improvements to make installation easier include a wire cable management bar that easily rotates into place with minimal cable movement, in-line terminations for Category 5e through Category 6A cable, and the same wire-color sequence used on the top and bottom for all categories. 

For end-users, a unified design means that termination, accessories, appearance, and features are common across all configurations. Visible labeling also allows for easier port identification. White versions of the Unified Patch Panel can also help reduce lighting energy use in closets and data centers. 

For more information about Hubbell Premise Wiring’s Unified Patch Panel, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit www.hubbell-premise.com.