4 Port Type AC USB Charger

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Hubbell is pleased to announce the new 4 Port USB Charger Outlet… Now with Fast Charge. Hubbell’s new 4 Port USB Charger Outlet provides both Type A and Type C ports to offer the best in flexibility and accommodation for your charging needs. Now, this device has been improved with the Fast Charge Technology to reduce charging time.

The 4 Port USB with Fast Charge technology allows for communication between the USB device and Fast Charge capable phones for quick power delivery. The new Type C port will provide a minimum 5V up to 9V, based on the phone make and model. Fast Charge technology through the C port is up to 60% faster than the standard USB A port. The legacy Type A port offers the traditional default power at 5 volts. Hubbell’s USB chargers feature combination Type A and C USB ports making this the perfect transitional device between Type A and new Type C charging needs.

The USB ports can charge up to two tablets simultaneously and are rated for a minimum 10,000 cord insertions and removals to assure good connection and longevity.

The 4 Port USB is perfect for use in creating a “charging zone” at home or in the office. It fits into a
standard electrical box opening. Hubbell recommends designing this into a 2-gang arrangement with a surge receptacle to create the optimum charging zone with line voltage power and UBS charging together.

This is a specification grade product item primarily for new construction and major renovation projects. It is available in white, ivory, light almond, brown, gray and black to match most interiors.
This new and improved 4 Port Charger, with both Type A and Type C ports will replace the standard Type A 4 port charger.