Commercial & Industrial Receptacles Expansion

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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is pleased to announce the restructure and expansion of our Commercial & Industrial 15A & 20A Straight Blade receptacles.

Specifically designed to combat competition’s strategy of specifying devices based solely on part numbers and descriptions, rather than on construction.

These upgrades give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for to displace our competition in any opportunity!

Here’s what’s changed:

(NEW) Hubbell-Pro Extra Heavy-Duty (ex: 5352R & 5362R) are an all-new construction while maintaining BAA & NAFTA compliance, “Assembled in USA.”

(NEW) Hubbell-Pro Heavy-Duty (ex: 5352AW, 5362AW, 5352WTR) are an off-shore FED-SPEC design in both standard and tamper-resistant. These are our price fighters, which give you the best TR mechanism in the market, while matching our competition’s part numbers and descriptions.

Commercial Receptacles (CR, BR, DR) have also been redesigned to allow us to be more competitive on job pricing! These will align with competitive construction grade devices.

Finally, our “HBL Extra Heavy-Duty” (ex: HBL5362, HBL5352) will now be referred to as “Extra Heavy-Duty MAX”. This differentiates our TOL product from competition on both construction and description.