FloorTrak™ PRO

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To offer installers a new way to protect power, data, and AV cables in open spaces when floor or ceiling installation isn’t practical, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems announces its FloorTrak PRO line.

Based upon the application, the ADA-compliant raceway solution can be mounted to the floor over existing floorcoverings or installed flush with the floor using additional edges.

The entire FloorTrak PRO line is designed to protect cables as they run from walls to floors while also withstanding foot traffic and abrasion from furniture. This makes it ideal for running power, data, and AV over and through the floor to reach conference tables, individual workstations, collaboration areas, lounges, kiosks, and more.

Available in two colors – aluminum or dark gray – three standard sizes, and angled and T sections, FloorTrak PRO installation can also be customized with a pre-wired, easy-to-configure kit of mixed sizes to prevent contractors from having to cut through the raceway. Multiple channels allow power, data, and AV to be run separately through the tray. Multiple two- and three-gang device boxes are available.

“This solution allows end-users to access power and connectivity wherever they need it – even in open spaces – without having to worry about safety or trip hazards,” says Rick Merrell, senior product manager for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems.

For more information about the FloorTrak PRO line, contact your local Hubbell sales representative or visit www.hubbell.com/wiringdevice-kellems/en