Hubbell Marine redesigned cablesets and inlets make watertight seals quick and easy

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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems introduces redesigned Hubbell Marine 30Amp and 50Amp cablesets and stainless-steel inlets speed up making watertight connections.

Hubbell’s improved locking ring design allows users to quickly connect their ship-to-shore devices and achieve a watertight seal. A wider stainless-steel ring provides more surface area and defined ridges for increased grip and better handling. It makes connecting cables and inlets easier.

Stainless-steel inlets feature an improved hinge design that supports its own weight, keeping the cover out of the way while in the open position. Recessed threads provide quicker connecting and disconnecting while ensuring a watertight seal.

The updated 30A and 50A Marine cablesets and inlets continue to offer the same quality and other performance-enhancing features as the models they replace. Catalog numbers stay the same. These products are also compatible with existing cable sets and inlets of the same configurations.

These ship-to-shore devices are Marine UL Listed and cUL Listed. Perfect for use on boats and yachts and shore applications, such as marinas.
Hubbell locking ring marine cable sets and inlets are available now. Find more information at