Hubbell Pro 3.1 Amp USB Duplex Receptacles

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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has created a USB charger that combines value and performance for residential and light commercial applications: the construction-grade Hubbell Pro 3.1 Amp USB Duplex Receptacle.

Offering plenty of current to charge phones and accessories, the device also features a competitive price point without sacrificing on performance or quality. The Hubbell Pro 3.1 Amp USB Duplex Receptacle integrates USB ports rated for 10,000 insertions. They’re combined with duplex receptacles, featuring the patented, easy-to-use, tamper-resistant shutters.

Available in 15 and 20 amp configurations, the device also offers either two Type A ports or one Type A and one Type C port to accept different connector shapes when needed.

Designed to create labor savings, the Hubbell Pro 3.1 Amp USB Duplex Receptacle features terminals with back wire for fast installation using stranded or solid wire. Its design also maximizes space with a reduced depth that fits into smaller boxes.

Available in five colors – white, ivory, light almond, gray, and black – the devices complement and blend well in any interior environment.

“As with every Hubbell solution, this new USB duplex receptacle is designed and built to the highest standards,” explains Vic Flagello, marketing director for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. “Each device charger is 100% tested to assure perfect performance every time after installation.”

For more information about the Hubbell Pro 3.1 Amp USB Duplex Receptacle, contact your local Hubbell sales representative or visit