Kellems Wire Management Solutions eLearning Course

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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has recently added Kellems Wire Management Solutions course to it’s Hubbell University eLearning library. This new course covers the broad offering of Kellems mesh grips, cord connectors and non-metallic liquidtight systems. The course curriculum assists the learner in easily identifying between the different Kellems Wire Management Solutions and the features and benefits that make them best suited for many applications.

  • The Kellems mesh grip family includes strain relief grips, support grips, pulling grips and specialty grips all having their own unique features and applications that are covered in the course. In addition is a section dedicated to the safety requirements that should be adhered to when using some mesh grips.
  • Cord Connectors another member of the Kellems wire management family are also included and the many material types, styles and applications are included.
  • Kellems non-metallic liquidtight systems rounds out the elearning course curriculum and covers both the non-metallic conduit and fittings offered, features and applications.

“Kellems wire management products are utilized extensively across many industrial MRO and OEM applications. It is the objective of this eLearning course to make the learner more knowledgeable when working with end user customers to solve problems and promote safety, says Benny Thomas, product manager Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems.”

The Hubbell eLearning course library can be accessed through sales and distributor corners under the Training drop down menu.