Labeled Subplate Kits – Fire-Rated Poke Through & Floor Box

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Quickly and easily identify individual ports in Recessed Floorboxes and Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs (FRPT) with new labeled subplate kits from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. This solution saves time for installers, provides consistency for engineers and reliable port identification for end users.

In the field today, installers use commercially available label makers to mark plates, which can lead to unreliable label placement or identification. Hubbell’s new subplate labeling system provides a dependable process for installers to identify ports and the type of service they provide, such as phone or data. AV engineers can ensure they will have properly marked ports for their customers.

The labeling system is durable and dynamic. It allows for quick change or reidentification of the service quickly without damaging the subplates. Label holders snap into the subplates, ensuring accurate placement. Plate knockouts are field removable to allow for post-installation expansion or changes.

Each plate includes 1 or 2 openings and 3 to 4 ports knockouts that accept snap-in jacks. Extra label inserts and clear label covers are included to provide installers everything they need.

The new labeled subplate kits are designed to work with Hubbell’s S1R6PTxx and S1R8PTxx series recessed fire-rated poke-throughs. They also fit CFB2Gxx, CFB4Gxx, CFB6Gxx, AFB2Gxx, and AFB4Gxx series recessed floorboxes.

For more information about new labeled subplates for recessed fire-rated poke-throughs and floorboxes from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit