Polycarbonate Thermoplastic Wallplates

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To improve wallplate performance and offer additional installation benefits, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is excited to announce new Thermoplastic Wallplates with enhanced resistance to heat, humidity, and chemicals.

Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic instead of nylon, the Thermoplastic Wallplates start out as a clear material, offering excellent color matching – with 375 color and size configurations to choose from. Although the material is nearly unbreakable and tough enough to withstand repeated high impact, it’s also flexible enough to compensate for wall irregularities during installation.

Because of their smooth, satin finish, the new Thermoplastic Wallplates are easier to clean to help building owners and occupants minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

“Hubbell has used polycarbonate in other wiring devices for years with much success,” says John Carroll, vice president of distributor marketing and communications for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. “We’re always looking for ways to take advantage of technical advancements in materials to improve performance and safety. By re-engineering our wallplates to use polycarbonate thermoplastic instead of nylon, we can offer our customers a durable, safe, and readily available solution to complete electrical device installations.”

For more information about Hubbell’s new Thermoplastic Wallplates, contact your local Hubbell sales representative or visit www.hubbell.com/wiringdevice-kellems/en.