Programmable Wall Switch Timer

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The WSTA120 Programmable Wall Switch Timer is fully customizable and programmable with up to seven independent on/off cycles to manage lighting across different days of the week or weekend vs. weekday modes. Programming options include time of day, sunrise/sunset, countdown, and random mode.

To remove the work involved with manually adjusting units to  accommodate changes like daylight savings time, the device features an astronomical clock with 100+ city options. Users simply select the nearest city and the unit automatically adjusts to sunset and sunrise times as they change throughout the year. The WSTA120 Programmable Wall Switch Timer includes three
interchangeable covers to provide color options that blend well in any environment.

Each unit has an internal, rechargeable battery that can retain programming information during power loss so it doesn’t need to be reprogrammed. Ideal for light commercial and residential applications, the WSTA120 Programmable Wall Switch Timer can be used for applications such as scheduled landscape or outdoor entry lighting.

“With the WSTA120 Programmable Wall Switch Timer, users simply set it and forget it. Once it’s installed and programmed, all of the worry and hassle associated with manually adjusting or turning lights on/off is removed – even if the device loses power,” explains Michael Freney, product manager for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems.

For more information about Hubbell’s new WSTA120 Programmable Wall Switch Timer, contact your local Hubbell sales representative or visit