Tri-Power Countertop Pop-Up Receptacle

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Charge multiple devices at the same time for extra convenience. The new Tri-Power countertop pop-up from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems delivers wireless charging, USB charging and AC power in a single spill-proof design.

This new pop-up outlet puts power in the most accessible spot in your home—in the kitchen. This makes it more attractive for homeowners. Along with a line voltage receptacle, the Tri-Power pop-up features a Qi Certified wireless inductive charging pad on the top and 2 USB charging ports.

Wireless charging is available with the pop-up closed or open. The wireless pad delivers up to 7.5 W of power and features anti-slip silicone, so phones won’t slide off. The USB-C port provides 30 W of fast charging at 9 Vdc while the USB-A port provides 5 Vdc charging. The power receptacle offers 15 and 20 A 120 V configuration.

The compact, low-profile design minimizes the space required on the countertop as well as the space below in the cabinetry. The durable push down to pop up function is designed for a minimum of 10,000 cycles. The unit is only 4 inches in diameter. Underneath, it accepts MC or nonmetallic sheathed cable.

We introduced the first UL Listed pop-up receptacles for countertop applications. Spills happen, and these pop-ups feature self-sealing silicone gaskets and a watertight interior to keep water out. These gaskets seal out up to a half gallon of liquid. Cam action tamper-resistant shutter technology keeps foreign objects out of the straight blade slots.

The Tri-Power pop-up includes customizable tops and is ideal for use on kitchen or bathroom counters. It can be used in residential or commercial applications.

Find more information on our new Tri-Power countertop pop-up the Hubbell Wiring Device-site at